Step 2: Create a migration task with Migration Manager

The Migration center is located in the modern SharePoint admin center. You will be guided through agent setup and creating your file share migration tasks.

Before you begin

Before you create your first migration task, do the following checks:

Check Do
Prerequisites Make sure all system prerequisites have been met on your local computer or VM before running the Migration Manager agent setup file.
Required Endpoints Review the required Endpoints
Government cloud If you are on a Government cloud, make sure your settings are correctly configured before you begin.
Set up your Migration Manager agent You can set up as many agents as needed to scale your project.
File size File share migration supports migrating individual files of up to 250 GB.

Source and destination

For every migration task you create, you'll be prompted for a source and a destination. The credentials that you used to set up your agents have permission to access to any file share you plan to migrate.

  • Source - The source is where your file share content currently exists. File shares include centralized file hosting on a network server, a network drive, or shared files or disks on a local computer. Often referred to as a "Z drive" on networked computers, it's a shared drive somewhere on the network. You'll need to know the path of the file share and enter it using the format: \\contoso\fileshare\

  • Destination - The destination is where in Microsoft 365 you want to copy your content. It can be a SharePoint site, OneDrive, or a Teams location. Decide where you want the content to be, and then enter the specific location URL.

Create a migration task

  1. Go to the Migration center in the SharePoint admin center, and sign in with an account that has admin permissions for your organization.
  2. Select Add task.
  3. Under Method, select either Single source and destination or Bulk migration. If you have only a few file shares to migrate, select the single source and destination method. If you are migrating content from a large number of file shares, select bulk migration. 4.Under Source, enter the path to the file share that contains the content you want to migrate. Use the format \contoso\fileshare. Select Next.
  4. Under Select a destination, choose SharePoint site, OneDrive, or Teams. Select Next.
  5. Enter the specific destination location:
  • OneDrive: Enter a OneDrive URL or an email address
  • SharePoint: Enter the SharePoint site and document folder
  • Teams: Enter the team name and channel.
  1. Select Next.
  2. Under Settings, enter a friendly Task name to identify your task.
  3. If you have Agent groups and want to assign this task to a specific group of agents, make your selection from the dropdown list. Otherwise the task will be in the default group and be assigned to the next available agent. (Optional)
  4. Select All settings to make certain they're set correctly for you. To learn more about specific settings, see Migration Manager settings.
  5. Select Run now. The task will added to the list waiting for the next available agent. For each file share you want to migrate, select Add task.


Each agent can have up to 10 tasks in its queue.