Armchair Architects: Resiliency in the Cloud – Core Patterns

In this second episode of the Armchair Architect series of the Azure Enablement Show, David Blank-Edelman is joined by Uli Homann, Microsoft Corporative Vice President and Distinguished Architect, and Eric Charran, Chief Architect at Microsoft to discuss core patterns of cloud architectural such as throttling, caching, and bulkhead patterns. Eric and Uli offer advice on designing cloud application for failure.


[00:00] Introduction
[01:05] What are some architectural pattern best practices?
[01:47] What is throttling?
[03:30] Caching is an important pattern to use for both performance and functionality.
[04:31] Not everything can be cached. It's important to understand the attributes of your data.
[06:50] What are circuit breaker patterns?
[09:05] What are bulkhead patterns?
[09:52] How should bulkhead patterns be coupled with overall thoughts on design?
[11:36] What are some quick pieces of advice on designing cloud applications for failure?

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