Defrag Tools #164 - Sysinternals for Nano Server - Mark Russinovich

In this episode of Defrag Tools, Mark Russinovich and Andrew Mason (Program Manager for Nano Server) join Andrew Richards to discuss the release of the Sysinternals tools for Windows Server - Nano Server.

Over 40 of the Sysinternals tools have been updated to support the headless execution on Nano Server via a remote shell (e.g. PowerShell, PsExec, SSH). You can download the full set by clicking on the Sysinternals Nano Server Suite on the Sysinternals suite page, and each tool that supports Nano Server reports that on its download page. The Nano versions are also compatible with 64-bit Windows and have "64.exe" as their suffix in the download files. Many of the updated tools include bug fixes as well.