Defrag Tools: #5 - Autoruns and MSConfig

In this episode of Defrag Tools, Chad and I walk you through Sysinternals Autoruns. We also look at its predecessors: MSConfig and SysEdit. AutoRuns and MSConfig allow you to view and disable autostart entries on the computer. The autostart entries are locations in the registry and file system that can cause applications and DLLs to be automatically run at startup, login, application launch, and at many more registration points in Windows.

Resources: Sysinternals Autoruns

[01:05] - A look back in time...
[03:20] - SysEdit on Windows 95
[04:32] - Bar Napkin (Janet Harris)
[06:19] - MSConfig on Windows 98
[07:25] - MSConfig on Windows 7
[13:03] - Sysinternals Autoruns
[33:19] - Reboot required

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