Azure Unblogged - Azure Resource Mover

Following on from the announcement in 2020 of Azure Resource Mover I'm pleased to release another episode of Azure Unblogged, where I am chatting to Kaza Sriram, Senior Program Manager on the Azure Resource Mover team. 

Kaza walked me through what Azure Resource Mover is and what benefits it can offer customers.  He also walked through a demo of how to use it with the Azure Portal.  

[0:00] Introduction
[0:13] Welcome to Kaza Sriram
[0:27] What is Azure Resource Mover?
[3:06] Customer Needs
[6:03] What are the benefits of Azure Resource Mover
[13:22] Which resources does Azure Resource Mover support
[14:34] Demo - Azure Resource Mover Portal Overview
[16:18] Demo - Move resources to another region
[24:55] Demo - Diagnose and Solve Problems
[26:31] Wrap Up