Event Driven applications on Kubernetes with KEDA

KEDA is an open source project and enables event-driven autoscaling for Kubernetes workloads.KEDA scalers can detect if a deployment should be activated or deactivated, and feed custom metrics for a specific event source.

In this episode, our friend Jeff Hollan joins Cecil to show us how we can use KEDA to scale out our .NET applications running on Kubernetes

  • [01:15] - What is KEDA?
  • [03:38] - KEDA's relationship with Azure Functions
  • [05:53] - Moving KEDA to the CNCF
  • [08:40] - .NET Worker service demo
  • [12:44] - Supported Keda triggers
  • [14:37] - Working with ACI and Virtual Kubelets
  • [17:09] - Does KEDA work alongside other Kubernetes projects?
  • [18:45] - Getting started with KEDA


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