Cybersecurity Reference Architecture & Strategies: How to Plan for and Implement a Cybersecurity Strategy

Planning and implementing a security strategy to protect a hybrid of on-premises and cloud assets against advanced cybersecurity threats is one of the greatest challenges facing information security organizations today.

Join Lex Thomas as he welcomes back Mark Simos to the show as they discuss how Microsoft has built a robust set of strategies and integrated capabilities to help you solve these challenges so that you can build a better understanding how to build an identity security perimeter around your assets.

  • [02:58] What does a Cybersecurity architecture guide look like?
  • [06:31] What does the Cybersecurity landscape look like?
  • [12:57] What does the evolution of IT and Microsoft Security look like?
  • [17:20] What does a platform security approach look like?
  • [21:38] Can you describe the benefits of an Integrated Security Experience?
  • [25:29] How do you measure security success?

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