Intro to Service Meshes: Data Planes, Control Planes, and More

Armon Dadgar (@armon), HashiCorp CTO and co-founder joins Aaron Schlesinger (@arschles) to school him on all things service meshes. You'll understand what a service mesh actually does, when and why it makes sense to use them, the role of observability, and the differences between data planes and control planes (and what's relevant to app developers).

 Armon makes concepts real with specific examples and analogies, Aaron sees how to easily apply it to his favorite project (Kubernetes, of course) and they sign off with their favorite resources, so you can apply to your apps. 

[00:30] What is a service mesh?
[01:26] Do I need a service mesh?
[02:41] The role of observability
[03:36] Control planes vs data planes
[05:50] Service mesh + Kubernetes

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