Dialect Property

Indicates the dialect of the CommandText or CommandStream properties. The dialect defines the syntax and general rules that the provider uses to parse the string or stream.

Settings and Return Values

The Dialect property contains a valid GUID that represents the dialect of the command text or stream. The default value for this property is {C8B521FB-5CF3-11CE-ADE5-00AA0044773D}, which indicates that the provider should choose how to interpret the command text or stream.


ADO does not query the provider when the user reads the value of this property; it returns a string representation of the value currently stored in the Command object.

When the user sets the Dialect property, ADO validates the GUID and raises an error if the value supplied is not a valid GUID. See the documentation for your provider to determine the GUID values supported by the Dialect property.

Applies To

Command Object (ADO)

See Also

Execute Method (ADO Command)