Remote Table Copy

Describes how to use the remote table copy feature to copy tables from SQL Server PDW databases to remote (non-appliance) SMP SQL Server databases. Use remote table copy to enables hub and spoke scenarios for SQL Server PDW.

Understand Remote Table Copy for SQL Server PDW

Remote table copy is a feature of SQL Server PDW that enables Hub and Spoke scenarios by copying the results of a SQL SELECT statement to a table in an SMP database. The remote table copy is initiated with the CREATE REMOTE TABLE AS SELECT statement.

Requirements for Using Remote Table Copy

You can use remote table copy to copy tables from SQL Server PDW to a SQL Server database when these conditions are met:

  • The destination database must be an instance of Microsoft® SQL Server® that is running on a Microsoft Windows® system that can connect to the SQL Server PDW appliance but does not reside on a server within the appliance. The remote SQL Server can be connected to the SQL Server PDW using the InfiniBand network or through the Ethernet network.

  • The data to be copied must be selectable using a single valid SQL Server PDW SELECT statement.

  • The destination server must be a non-appliance server. Data cannot be copied directly from one appliance to another using the instructions in this topic.

  • The destination server must be accessible to all nodes on the appliance's Infiniband network.

Configure Remote Table Copy

To use remote table copy, you need to purchase and configure a Windows server, configure SQL Server on the Windows server, and configure SQL Server PDW. Use the following links to perform these three configuration steps.

  1. Configure an External Windows System To Receive Remote Table Copies Using InfiniBand

  2. Configure an External SMP SQL Server to Receive Remote Table Copies

  3. Configure SQL Server PDW for Remote Table Copies

Perform a Remote Table COpy

To perform a remote table copy, use the CREATE REMOTE TABLE AS SELECT SQL statement. Examples are included with the CREATE REMOTE TABLE topic.