Perform a SQL Server Integration Service migration assessment with Data Migration Assistant


To assess SQL Server Integration Service(SSIS) packages, below components need to be installed with Data Migration Assistant:

  • SQL Server Integration Service with the same version as the SSIS packages to assess.
  • Azure Feature Pack or other third party components if SSIS packages to assess have these components.

DMA needs to run with administrator access to assess SSIS packages in Package Store.


Source to SQL Server version 2019 and above are not supported.

Performance assessments

The following step-by-step instructions help you perform your first assessment for migrating SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) packages to Azure SQL Database or Azure SQL Managed Instance, by using Data Migration Assistant.


If you are assessing the entire SQL Server data estate at scale on VMware, use Azure Migrate to get Azure SQL deployment recommendations, target sizing, and monthly estimates.

Create an assessment

  1. Select the New (+) icon, and then select the Assessment project type as Integration Service.

  2. Set the source and target server type.

    Select the source as SQL Server, and set the target server type as Azure SQL Database or Azure SQL Managed Instance.

  3. Click Create.

    create assessment

Connect to a server

  1. Follow the default option, and click Next towards Select sources.
  2. Enter the SQL Server instance name, choose the Authentication type, set the correct connection properties.
  3. (Optional) Enter a folder path that contains SSIS packages.
  4. (Optional) Enter package encryption password if applicable.
  5. Click Connect to the source SQL Server. Screenshot showing the Connect to a server pane with the Enter a folder path that contains SSIS packages option and Enter package encryption password if applicable option called out.

Add sources to assess

  1. Select the SSIS package storage types to assess, and then select Add. Screenshot showing the Add sources pane.
  2. Select Add Sources to open the connection flyout menu, if need assess multiple folders.
  3. Click Start Assessment. Start assessment

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The Compatibility issues category provides partially supported or unsupported features that block migrating on-premises SSIS packages to Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime. It then provides recommendations to help you address those issues.

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