Data Mining Extensions (DMX) Syntax Elements

Applies to: SQL Server Analysis Services

In Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, you can use various syntax elements to define Data Mining Extensions (DMX) statements that you can use to build, manage, and work with data mining models. The following sections describe these syntax elements.

In This Section

Identifiers (DMX)
Name objects such as mining models, mining structures, and columns.

Data Types (DMX)
Define the type of data that a mining model column contains.

Expressions (DMX)
Units of syntax that Analysis Services can resolve to single, or scalar, values, objects, or table values.

Operators (DMX)
Used with one or more simple DMX expressions to make more complex DMX expressions.

Functions (DMX)
An expression that takes zero or one or more input values and returns a scalar value or a table.

Comments (DMX)
Text elements that you can insert into DMX statements or scripts to explain the purpose of a statement. Analysis Services does not run comments.

Reserved Keywords (DMX)
Words that are reserved for DMX use that should not be used to name objects in a database.

Content Types (DMX)
Define the content that a mining structure column contains.

Distributions (DMX)
Defines the distribution of data within a column.

Usage (DMX)
Define how a mining model uses the columns that it contains.

Modeling Flags (DMX)
Define additional hints that the algorithm can use to process a mining model.

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