Operators (DMX)

Applies to: SQL Server Analysis Services

You can use Data Mining Extensions (DMX) operators to perform arithmetic, comparison, concatenation, and logical operations in a query in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.

Analysis Services uses operators to perform the following actions:

  • Search for values or objects that meet a specific condition.

  • Implement a decision between values or expressions.

DMX uses several categories of operators, described in the following sections. For additional information about individual operators, see Data Mining Extensions (DMX) Operator Reference.

Operator category Type of operation
Arithmetic Operators (DMX) Perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.
Comparison Operators (DMX) Compare one value against another value or an expression.
Logical Operators (DMX) Test for the truth of a condition, such as AND, OR, or NOT.
Unary Operators (DMX) Perform an operation on a single operand.

You can use operators to combine smaller expressions in DMX into more complex expressions. In complex expressions, the operators are evaluated in order based on the Analysis Services definition of operator precedence. Operators that have higher precedence are performed before operators that have lower precedence. For more information about expressions, see Expressions (DMX).

When you combine simple expressions to form a complex expression, the data type of the resulting expression is determined by combining the rules for the operators with the rules for data type precedence. If the result is a character or a Unicode value, Analysis Services determines the collation of the result by combining the rules for the operators with the rules for collation precedence. There are also rules that determine the precision, scale, and length of the result based on the precision, scale, and length of the simple expressions.

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