SMO Connection Manager

Applies to: SQL Server (all supported versions) SSIS Integration Runtime in Azure Data Factory

An SMO connection manager enables a package to connect to a SQL Management Object (SMO) server. The transfer tasks that SQL Server Integration Services includes use an SMO connection manager. For example, the Transfer Logins task that transfers SQL Server logins uses an SMO connection manager.

When you add an SMO connection manager to a package, Integration Services creates a connection manager that will resolve to an SMO connection at run time, sets the connection manager properties, and adds the connection manager to the Connections collection on the package. The ConnectionManagerType property of the connection manager is set to SMOServer.

You can configure an SMO connection manager in the following ways:

  • Specify the name of a server on which SQL Server is installed.

  • Select the authentication mode for connecting to the server.

Configuration of the SMO Connection Manager

You can set properties through SSIS Designer or programmatically.

For more information about the properties that you can set in SSIS Designer, see SMO Connection Manager Editor.

For information about configuring a connection manager programmatically, see ConnectionManager and Adding Connections Programmatically.

SMO Connection Manager Editor

Use the SMO Connection Manager Editor to configure a SQL Server connection for use by the various tasks that transfer SQL Server objects.

To learn more about the SMO connection manager, see SMO Connection Manager.


Server name
Type the name of the SQL Server instance or select the server name from the list.

Refresh the list of available SQL Server instances that can be detected on the network.

Use Windows Authentication
Use Windows Authentication to connect to the selected SQL Server instance.

Use SQL Server Authentication
Use SQL Server Authentication to connect to the selected SQL Server instance.

User name
If you have selected SQL Server authentication, enter the SQL Server user name.

If you have selected SQL Server authentication, enter the password.

Test Connection
Test the connection as configured.

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