ODBC API Reference

The articles in this section describe each ODBC function in alphabetical order. Each function is defined as a C programming language function. Descriptions include the following information:

  • Purpose
  • ODBC version
  • Standard CLI conformance level
  • Syntax
  • Arguments
  • Return values
  • Diagnostics
  • Comments about usage and implementation
  • Code example
  • References to related functions

The standard CLI conformance level can be one of the following: ISO 92, Open Group, ODBC, or Deprecated. A function tagged as ISO 92-conformant also appears in Open Group version 1, because Open Group is a pure superset of ISO 92. A function tagged as Open Group-compliant also appears in ODBC 3.x, because ODBC 3.x is a pure superset of Open Group version 1. A function tagged as ODBC-compliant appears in neither standard. A function tagged as deprecated has been deprecated in ODBC 3.x.

Handling of diagnostic information is described in the SQLGetDiagField Function function description. The text associated with SQLSTATE values is included to provide a description of the condition but isn't intended to prescribe specific text.


For driver-specific information about ODBC functions, see the section for the driver.

This section contains articles for the following functions: