Dataset Properties Dialog Box, Query (Report Builder)

Select Query on the Dataset Properties dialog box to choose a shared dataset from a report server or to create an embedded dataset. For an embedded dataset, you must choose a data source and build a query.


Type a name for the dataset. The name cannot be the same as a name for any data region or group in the report.

Use a shared dataset
Select this option to use a predefined dataset from the report server.

Browse to a folder on a report server or SharePoint site and select a shared dataset (.rsd).

Use an embedded dataset in my report
Select this option to create a dataset for use only by this report.

Data Source
Select the data source on which to base the dataset. To create a new data source, click New.

Query type
Select the type of command or query to use for the dataset. Select Text to run a query to retrieve data from the database. Select Table to use the TableDirect feature of SQL Server to select all the fields within a table. Select Stored Procedure to run a stored procedure by name. Text is selected by default and is used for most queries. To edit the selected data source query, click Query Designer.


Not all query types are supported by all data sources. For example, Table is supported only by data source types OLE DB and ODBC.

This option appears when you choose the Text command type option. Type a query or import a pre-existing query by clicking Import. Click the Expression (fx) button to edit the expression.


If you use a query designer to build a query, the text of the query appears in this box.

Table name
This option appears when you select Table. Enter the name of the table that you want to use as a dataset.

Select or enter stored procedure name
This option appears when you choose the Stored Procedure command type option. Type or choose the name of the stored procedure that you want to use. Click the Expression (fx) button to edit the expression.

Time out (in seconds)
Type the number of seconds until the query times out. The default is 30 seconds. The value for Time out must be empty or greater than zero. If it is empty, the query does not time out.

Refresh Fields
Run the query command to update the list of fields in the Dataset Properties Dialog Box, Fieldspage.

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