SQL Server 2022 (16.x) Preview release notes

Applies to: SQL Server 2022 (16.x) Preview

This article describes requirements, limitations and known issues for the SQL Server 2022 (16.x) Preview release candidate (RC) 1.

Complete details about licensing are in License Terms folder on the installation media.

Hardware and software requirements

This release has the same hardware and software requirements as SQL Server 2019, except as noted below:

Feature notes

This section identifies known issues you may experience with this product:

  • If you choose to add the Azure extension for SQL Server to an existing instance, Setup currently requires that you also add at least 1 other feature from the Feature Selection page in order to complete adding the Arc extension feature.

  • When you install Azure extension for SQL Server during setup, in some cases a timeout may occur. In this case, setup returns a timeout exception but setup should succeed and the extension should be installed.

  • When you set encryption to Force Encryption with SQL Server Configuration Manager, the setting won't change the encryption and may cause errors.

  • Query Store for secondary replicas is available for preview. It isn't available for use in production environments.

Build number

Preview build Version number Date
RC 1 16.0.950.9 September 22, 2022
RC 0 16.0.900.6 August 23, 2022
CTP 2.1 16.0.700.4 July 27, 2022
CTP 2.0 16.0.600.9 May 20, 2022

Next steps

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