Tutorial to perform your first code translation with Azure Synapse Pathway

Applies to: Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Pathway introduces support for translating schemas, tables, views, functions, etc. from IBM Netezza, Microsoft SQL Server and Snowflake into T-SQL complaint code that automates migration to Azure Synapse Analytics.

For more information, see Azure Synapse Pathway overview.

In this tutorial, you learn how to:

  • Run your first translation of the SQL scripts in from your existing data warehouse to T-SQL scripts for Azure Synpase SQL
  • Choose from one of the available sources
  • View the errors and warnings about objects that didn't get translated


To complete this tutorial, make sure you've installed Azure Synapse Pathway. If you need an introduction, see Azure Synapse Pathway overview.

Run the translation

  1. Launch the Azure Synapse Pathway MSI.

  2. Select from one of the available sources, the ones that will be added soon are grayed out.

  3. In the Input directory folder, select browse and point the tool to the folder location of the DDL and DML scripts that need to be translated.


    Only files with .sql extension can be provided as an input source. If the user provides DDL, DML scripts in .txt file, tool will not perform any translation.

  4. When translating the Netezza code to Azure Synapse Analytics, choose IBM Netezza in the Translation Type drop down. Azure Synapse assessment input.

  5. To select the output directory, select browse to specify the location where the output will be generated. Azure Synapse output directory.

  6. Select Translate to start the translation

View Results

  1. The duration of the assessment depends on the number of databases added and the schema size of each database. Results are displayed for each database as soon as they're available. Azure Synapse assessment report.

  2. When you select view results, it will take you to the output directory specified in the previous step and you'll see the translated script file(s) based on your input directory structure.

  3. It includes the project structure that can be easily committed to your GitHub repo.

  4. A results file, which will have a list of errors and warnings, will be uploaded in the same output directory.

Run the translation using command line

  1. On installation, AspCmd.exe will be available in C:\Program Files (x86)\Azure Synapse Pathway
  2. Launch the command prompt and go to the file location
  3. Type aspcmd.exe --help for a list of commands

Azure Synapse assessment command line help commands.

  1. You can start running the translations using the command line

Azure Synapse assessment using command line.

Next steps

Learn how to save and load the assessment