GetMetadataPropertyValue (Azure Stream Analytics)

Queries input data for specific properties. There are three types of properties: Adapter, User, and Unique EventId.

Adapter metadata properties

Certain input-specific properties are accessible by the GetMetadataPropertyValue function. Additionally, all properties can be accessed as a single record.


At this time, this function cannot be tested on the Azure portal (it will return empty results). You can use the ASA extension for Visual Studio Code to test this function in your query using live data.

Default metadata properties for Event Hubs

  • EventEnqueuedUtcTime
  • EventProcessedUtcTime
  • PartitionId
  • Offset
  • SequenceNumber
  • PartitionKey
  • Publisher, when available in the incoming event


Retrieve EventEnqueuedUtcTime from Event Hubs:

SELECT GetMetadataPropertyValue(ehInput, '[EventHub].[EventEnqueuedUtcTime]') AS mytime FROM ehInput

SELECT GetMetadataPropertyValue(ehInput, 'EventHub') AS myEHPropertiesRecord FROM ehInput

IoT Hub properties when routed to Event Hubs endpoints

When using IoT Hub routing feature to Event Hubs endpoints, metadata properties will be available by reading properties from Event Hubs. In this case the following properties that can be retrieved:

  • IoTConnectionDeviceId
  • IoTAuthMethod
  • IoTAuthGenerationId
  • IoTEnqueueTime
  • IoTMessageSource
  • IoTConnectionModuleId
  • IoTInterfaceName

Example: SELECT GetMetadataPropertyValue(ehInput, '[EventHub].[IoTConnectionDeviceId]') AS myIoTDeviceId FROM ehInput

Properties added via IoT Hub message enrichment can be retrieved via user properties.

Default metadata properties for IoT Hub

  • ConnectionDeviceId

  • AuthMethod

  • AuthGenerationId

  • EnqueueTime

  • MessageSource

  • ConnectionModuleId

  • InterfaceName

  • CorrelationId

  • MessageId

  • ConnectionDeviceGenerationId


Retrieve EnqueuedTime from IoT Hub:

SELECT GetMetadataPropertyValue(iotInput, 'IoTHub.EnqueuedTime') AS myEnqueuedTime FROM iotInput

SELECT GetMetadataPropertyValue(iotInput, 'IoTHub') AS iotRecord FROM iotInput

Default metadata properties for Blob input:

  • BlobName
  • BlobLastModifiedUtcTime
  • PartitionId

Example SELECT GetMetadataPropertyValue(blobInput, 'BlobName') AS myBlobName FROM blobInput

User properties

A custom user property called SenderClientId set on incoming EventHub/IoT/Blob messages is made accessible using GetMetadataPropertyValue, as shown in the example below.

Additionally, twin properties and enriched properties added using IoT Hub message enrichment, can also be retrieved using GetMetadataPropertyValue.


To query from an Event Hub input,
SELECT Name, GetMetadataPropertyValue(ehInput, '[User].[SenderClientId]') FROM ehInput

To query from an IoT Hub input,
SELECT Name, GetMetadataPropertyValue(iotInput, '[User].[SenderClientId]') FROM iotInput

To query from a Blob input,
SELECT Name, GetMetadataPropertyValue(blobInput, '[User].[SenderClientId]') FROM blobInput

To get all user properties as a record,

For Event Hub:
SELECT Name, GetMetadataPropertyValue(ehInput, '[User]') AS userprops FROM ehInput

For IoT Hub:
SELECT Name, GetMetadataPropertyValue(iotInput, '[User]') AS userprops FROM iotInput

For Blob input:
SELECT Name, GetMetadataPropertyValue(blobInput, '[User]') AS userprops FROM blobInput

Unique EventId property

The EventId property creates a unique ID (Guid) for an input event, which can be useful for primary key purposes. EventId is consistent (not random); if you go back in time and re-read the same input event, Stream Analytics will produce the same ID.


SELECT GetMetadataPropertyValue(ehInput, 'EventId') AS eventPrimaryKey FROM ehInput

Limitations and Restrictions

GetMetadataPropertyValue has the following limitations of usage:

  • Using SELECT * in your query causes duplicate columns. To prevent duplicate columns, list columns individually in your SELECT statement.

  • The alias you give your Metadata Property Value will be lowercase regardless of the casing used in your query. For example, SELECT GetMetadataPropertyValue(ehInput, 'EventId') AS eventPrimaryKey outputs as eventprimarykey. To preserve casing, use compatibility level 1.2.

  • This function doesn't work in the Azure portal preview results pane.

  • Rename the origial payload fields before the data arrives to ASA. The payload field name will be overwritten if it is the same as system metadata field name.

  • MessageId and CorrelationId of EventHub's event metadata are not supported.