Applying ActiveSync policies to device accounts (Surface Hub)

Surface Hubs on Windows 10 Team 1703 and earlier versions used ActiveSync to sync mail & calendar.

The Surface Hub requirements for ActiveSync policies in your organization are as follows:

  • There can't be any global policies that block synchronization of the resource mailbox that's being used by the Surface Hub's device account. If there is such a blocking policy, you need to add the Surface Hub as an allowed device.
  • You must set a mobile device mailbox policy where the PasswordEnabled setting is set to False. Other mobile device mailbox policy settings are not compatible with the Surface Hub.

Allowing the DeviceID

Your organization may have a global policy that prevents syncing of device accounts provisioned on Surface Hubs. To configure this property, see Allowing device IDs for ActiveSync.

Setting PasswordEnabled

The device account must have an ActiveSync policy where the PasswordEnabled attribute is set to False or 0. To configure this property, see Creating a Surface Hub-compatible Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync policy.