Set up Microsoft Surface Hub

Set up instructions for Surface Hub include a setup worksheet, and a walkthrough of the first-run program.

Before you turn on your Microsoft Surface Hub for the first time, make sure you've completed the checklist at the end of the Prepare your environment for Surface Hub section, and that you have the information listed in the Setup worksheet. When you do power it on, the device will walk you through a series of setup screens. If you haven't properly set up your environment, or don't have the required information, you'll have to do extra work afterward making sure the settings are correct.

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Setup worksheet

When you've finished pre-setup and are ready to start first-time setup for your Surface Hub, make sure you have all the information listed in this section.

First-run program

The term "first run" refers to the series of steps you'll go through the first time you power up your Surface Hub, and means the same thing as "out-of-box experience" (OOBE). This section will walk you through the process.