Surface Hub return to the office video series

This page features instructional videos to help keep your Surface Hub devices up to date and functioning as expected when returning to the office. Learn about new features of the Surface Hub operating system and updated applications and enhancements to the overall Surface Hub experience.

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How to verify a Surface Hub is fully updated Discover the build number a Surface Hub is currently running and determine if it’s fully updated. Learn why a Surface Hub may not be installing updates. Surface Hub update history
How to verify Device Account and User Sign-In are working on a Surface Hub Learn how to verify the device account and user sign-in experience. Create and test a device account
How to use Teams Rooms on Surface Hub client See the latest features for Teams Rooms and how to use Coordinated Meetings and Proximity Join. Microsoft Teams Rooms on Surface Hub
How to use Modern Authentication on Surface Hub Learn the requirements for using Modern Authentication for the device account as well as disabling the feature in unsupported environments. Modern authentication on Surface Hub

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