How does billing work for a Recurring Lesson Schedule?


Students on a Recurring Schedule Receive a Monthly Bill

How It Works

All TakeLessons students pay for lessons in advance.  If you have a Recurring Lesson Schedule with a set day and time, then you will receive a monthly bill for the next month's worth of lessons until you cancel. 

You can choose your bill date. This means, if you’ve selected the 12th as your bill date, your bill will include all unpaid lessons scheduled with your teachers between the 13th of the current month and the 12th of the upcoming month. Unpaid monthly bills will result in the recurring lesson reservation is released to other students.

Billing Notifications

You will receive a billing notice via email 7 days prior to your bill date. If you are not enrolled in Auto Pay you will also get a reminder the day your bill is due.

If there are any changes to your schedule that affect your bill (such as lesson cancellations, or additional lessons added), we’ll send you a revised billing statement via email prior to your bill due date. 

Auto Pay Option 

Recurring Lesson students have the option to enable or disable automatic payments.  If your Auto Pay setting is turned on, the day your bill is due we will automatically charge your credit card for the amount due.

If your Auto Pay setting is turned off, you will need to log in to your online student account to pay your bill online.

Your billing notice will clearly state if you are enrolled in Auto Pay. In addition, this setting is displayed in your online student account under the Billing tab.

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