How do I reserve a Recurring Lesson Schedule with my teacher?


Setting up a Recurring Schedule is easy!

During the initial lesson sign up process you will asked if you want to sign up for recurring lessons with a set day/time. If you initially decline, but later decide that you would like a recurring schedule, you can request to set up a recurring lesson day/time directly from your student account.

Go to the Schedule tab of your student account and click the green Schedule Lesson button. Select your preferred lesson day/time, as well as your lesson frequency (ie: weekly or every other week).

You will be notified via email when your teacher accepts or declines the schedule.


In addition, your teacher can also set up a Recurring Schedule for you by scheduling repeat lessons on their calendar so if you need assistance feel free to reach out to your teacher to get your lessons scheduled.   

Remember, students on a Recurring Lesson Schedule will receive a monthly bill.


How does billing work for a Recurring Lesson schedule?