How do I send my clients a Student Questionnaire?

The Student Questionnaire is an easy and convenient way to get to know your new students before your first lesson. Once you customize your questionnaire, each new student will be sent the same questions. You can edit the questionnaire any time, so it keeps pace with your developing teaching methods.

1. In your Profile, open your Student Questionnaire tab

Log in to your TakeLessons teacher account, and open your Profile page.

Click the Student Questionnaire tab.


2. Customize your questionnaire

Click the pencil icon to edit any question, or click Add Question to type and save your own questions.


3. Send your questionnaire to new students

When a new student has just booked lessons with you, but hasn't attended any lessons yet, you can send them a questionnaire from their Student Details page in your Roster. To learn more about your Roster, click here.

Students who haven't yet taken any lessons will have a questionnaire link in their Student Details page:


Just click Send a student questionnaire, and the student will be emailed a link to your questionnaire. As soon as they have completed the questionnaire, you'll receive an email with their answers.