What can I do from my Roster page?

Your Roster is the starting point for reviewing info about all the students you teach through TakeLessons. To view your Roster, click here. Keep reading to check out all the things you can do from your Roster page.

1. View details about your students

Your roster shows an alphabetized list of students. Each student's name is a link to their Student Details page (described below). By default, your roster shows "active" students- those who have future scheduled lessons, or paid lesson credits that haven’t been used yet. You can easily switch between viewing "Active" students and "All" students, with the roster view toggle.


2. Manage each student (Student Details page)

From your roster, click on any student’s name to open their Student Details page.


Within a student’s Details page, you can see their upcoming schedule of lessons, mark attendance, edit or cancel lessons, and more. If the student has a guardian, the guardian’s contact information will be listed at the top of their Details page. Any additional contact information will display in the bottom-right corner.

Use the Notes field to jot down any important information for yourself. (Don’t worry- these notes are for your eyes, only.)

TIP: Managing lesson schedules via Student Details page
To manage a student’s lessons, click on Calendar in their Student Details page.
If your student holds any recurring timeslots with you, you’ll see a description of those lessons at the top.


Click on any lesson in the student’s schedule to:

For “Schedule As You Go” students, the Calendar tab in their Student Details page shows how many paid lessons they have available for scheduling in the future. Click Schedule to set up future lesson times. (Learn more: Scheduling lessons for Schedule As You Go students)


3. Access your student’s Lesson Journal

In the Journal tab in each student’s Details page, you can download all the files you and your student have shared during your online lessons through TakeLessons Classroom. You can also replay any videos you recorded during your lesson, and read any comments you and your student typed over chat during your lessons.

Learn more:

4. Remove a student from your Roster

If a student needs to stop taking lessons, you can remove them from your roster with in the Settings tab of their Student Details page. If you’d like TakeLessons to follow up with the student, click “Notify TakeLessons to follow up with the student.” Make sure to include details about the student’s situation, so our Student Support team can reach out with any assistance they may need.