Teacher Support | What is my "Average reply time," and how is it calculated?

How long do you take to reply to a student's first question?

The "Average reply time" displayed on your Insights dashboard measures how quickly you tend to reply to the first message sent by a potential student through the Ask A Question feature.

Though it's important to reply as quickly as possible to every student message, we've found that students tend to book with the teacher who answers their first question the quickest. Your average reply time helps you gauge how well you're staying on top of new-student questions.

How is the average calculated?

  • The first question from any new student counts toward the average.
  • All students who have ever messaged you are counted.
  • Spam messages (marked as spam by you, or blocked by our filters) don't count.
  • The "clock" starts as soon as the student sends their first question, and stops when you send the first reply.
  • We understand that some students may send questions overnight, and you may not answer until later the next morning. It's OK if your overall average is higher than 3 hours.
  • If you fail to respond to a question, it will be counted as though you took 48 hours to reply.

When possible, respond within 3 hours.

Our research shows that students are most likely to book lessons if their teacher answers their questions within 3 hours, on average. The quality and speed of your answer can determine whether or not they book lessons with you.

If you don’t respond to the question within 72 hours, we’ll assume that you aren’t currently available for students, and will automatically set your Profile Visibility to “Off.” (Learn more.) We will then follow up with the student whose question you missed, to make sure they get the help they need.