What is the fee attached to my TakeLessons earnings?

A service fee that decreases the more you teach


When you receive a new TakeLessons student, you'll start out earning 80% of the price your student paid for lessons.  After the first 10 lessons, you'll earn 10% more of that student's lesson price--that's 90%!

We've structured your earnings this way so our fee decreases over time. Why? Because the longer you teach a student, the more you should earn! This fee covers ongoing maintenance of your TakeLessons profile and tools, easy billing for your students, and keeps the lights on for our staff so you always have help when you need it. We're here to help your lesson business thrive, so you can focus on what you do best--teaching!

When you set your lesson prices, you'll see a breakdown of how much you'll be taking home in your paycheck including this service fee. You're always in control of how much you make and we encourage you to set your lesson prices so that you earn exactly what you want. You can always edit your prices through your account. 


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