How do I reschedule (edit) a lesson?

Click on the lesson to Edit

STEP 1 Open your Calendar from the Scheduling tab and click on the lesson that needs to be rescheduled.


STEP 2 From the Lesson Details window, click the gear icon and select Edit Lesson.


STEP 3 Edit the lesson details.  If you're editing a lesson and Does not repeat is pre-selected, that means the lesson is not part of a Recurring Schedule.  

If you switch the lesson from Does not repeat to Repeats every week (or every 2 weeks, etc.) you will turn the lesson into a Recurring Schedule starting on the date of the lesson you're working on.  

(Keep in mind, giving your student a Recurring Schedule also opts your student into Monthly Reserve billing.)

STEP 4 Save your changes.  


Step 5 If you're editing a Recurring Schedule, you'll have an additional option to save changes for just this lesson or this and all following lessons in the series.


 Note: Your student will be notified about any changes you save for their schedule.

Did you know?

You can also edit lessons from your Student Details page. Click any lesson from your student's Scheduled Lessons list to start editing.


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