How do I conduct a class from start to finish?

The following is the TakeLessons Live Quality Standards Guide for Teachers. Each attribute listed below highlights the minimum requirements for teaching Live classes. Please carefully review and ensure that each item is applied in every Live class that you teach.

Welcome Script

1. Welcome students to class and introduce yourself

Example: "Welcome, TakeLessons! My name is Clarissa and today we will be learning how to incorporate calendar events into a conversation."

2. Quickly call out student milestones

Example: "Before we get started I’d like to give a warm welcome to Sarah, this is her first class, and we are so glad you’ve joined us today! Let's also give a big shout-out to Nate, today is his 40th class! Holy cow, Nate! Let's give them a round of applause."

3. Cover the class objectives

Example: "In today’s class, we are going to cover < # > things about < class title >. First, < objective 1 >. We will also discuss < objective 2 >. Lastly, < objective 3 >."

4. Cover how to use the classroom controls

Example: "Just a reminder you will see 3 primary controls at the bottom of your screen. Does everyone see the button that looks like a hand? Great! Anytime you have a question for me, hit that button and it will alert me to call on you - everyone does that for me really quickly. Great! Next, you’ll see a camera and microphone button. Really simple, this is how you turn on and microphone. Any questions?"

If you are experiencing technical issues in class, click here for instructions to troubleshoot.

5. Share a motivational message

Example: "You have already done the hardest step and showed up - now, let’s give your mind some freedom to really dig in. I’d like you to turn off your cell phones, put them away, close your email, and really focus on being present for the whole class. Finally, we are a community here! So take a second right now and post a hello message to all your fellow students in the chat. Alright, are you ready to get started? Here we go!"

Instructor Delivery

  • Content should cover the entire class duration
  • Content should be delivered with energy and enthusiasm. Students should know you are happy to be there
  • Content should be clear and complete. We recommend using this formula:
  • Explain what you are about to introduce and why it’s important
  • Deliver the material
  • Reiterate the value
  • Content should be delivered with confidence and at a steady pace


  • Interaction must be an integral component of every class. Lecturing for extended periods of time cannot take place in live classes
  • As a good rule of thumb, you should use the Spotlight feature, have students respond verbally, or respond in the chat at least every 5 minutes.
  • We strongly encourage you to come up with creative ways to boost interaction in your classes
  • Always abide by the following classroom guidelines to keep our students safe:
    • Do not spotlight a student whose camera is off.
    • You must see a student's face before you spotlight them.
    • Do not share your full screen.

Closing Script

1. Conclude the class with a friendly wrap-up

Example: "Amazing job, everyone! You showed up, you were present, and you learned! How do you feel? Do you have any final questions?"

2. Ask students to send words of encouragement in chat

Example: "Great! Take a second right now and give a shout-out to your fellow students in the chat. Let them know how great of a job they did!"

3. Remind students to sign-up for your next class

Example: "I’d love to see you again, so a reminder that my next class is going to be tomorrow at 3 pm Pacific. The name of the class is < Class Title >. I’d love to see you there! One last reminder, if you’re looking for more personal help, I also teach private lessons here at TakeLessons!"

4. Say farewell

Example: "Thank you so much, everyone, that’s all for now! See you guys next time."

Review our group class attendance policy.