How to troubleshoot classes and remain in control of class

Have you ever logged into your TakeLessons Live class, and been faced with a challenging situation? Maybe it’s a technical issue, or perhaps you have a student who’s distracting the group - either intentionally or accidentally. Here are a few tips to maintain control of the classroom.

Handling disruptive students

Have you experienced students who fill the chat with comments unrelated to class? This can distract you and other students. If this occurs, remind the class to only use the chat for questions or comments related to the class.

Inappropriate or harmful behavior 

If you experience a student making derogatory comments towards you or another student, block them immediately. Seriously. They will still be able to observe class, but they will not be able to participate. You can report the student to TakeLessons after class by contacting our support team.

Learn how to block students here.

Managing Eager students 

You may encounter a student who constantly wants to participate or present in front of the class. This happens most often in music classes. We love to see participation, but there is a time and place. If you find yourself in this situation, feel comfortable telling students the class is mainly lecture-based, and they might be able to present if there is time near the end. You could also recommend your upcoming class events that are performance-based.

Technical issues? 

Technical issues will always be in the nature of teaching online. Since the classroom is browser-based, try refreshing the web page to see if this resolves your issue.

Review this article for more tips to review technical issues.