Announcing Bookmarks for

This post was written by Charmaine Lee, Program Manager Intern, Developer Relations.

We believe that you should be able to visit and get the content you need as quickly as possible so you can focus on getting your work done. To this end, we are happy to announce Bookmarks on!

Using bookmarks on

You can bookmark any documentation page which enables you to easily dive back into content you frequently reference or are interested in coming back to later. Note that you need to be signed in to save bookmarks.

A simple click of the "Bookmark" icon saves the page for later access. You can access all your bookmarks from the bookmarks page in your profile.

How it works

To try the new experience out, visit any page on and click the Bookmark button. This functionality does require you to be signed into your Docs account so you can browse and manage all your bookmarks in the future.

Example of a bookmark button

To keep track of all your bookmarks in one centralized location, head on over to your Docs profile!

Example of bookmarks in the user profile

This feature not only allows you easily access quick links, but it also allows you to browse documentation in shorter bursts without the fear of forgetting about content you do not have time to explore right away. We will be working with developers to further understand how we can build upon this feature to make it even more useful in the future.

We want your Feedback

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