Announcing the Java API Browser

This post was written by Den Delimarsky, Program Manager in the team.

Today, we are expanding the family of our API discovery experiences, with the introduction of the Java API Browser.

Introducing a New Experience

Finding API documentation often times can be a daunting task - hopping from search engine to search engine, attempting to find the right content, for the right version. With the new API Browser experience, we hope to make this process easier.

Here are just a few of the benefits to using the API Browser:

  • Tailored API results. Every single search is executed exclusively against our API index, guaranteeing that you don't get any irrelevant results.
  • Versioning support. When we deliver APIs in multiple versions, you can select the version of documentation you want to search through.
  • Comprehensive results. We give you a list of APIs that match your search terms - across every documented product, or within a specific SDK.
  • Speed. We aim to deliver search results to your query quickly, letting you be on your way to building great apps and services faster.

Java API Browser Usage

Not only can you use the API search from the Java API Browser landing page, but you can also search for Java APIs directly from the table of contents - in our Java API docs:

Java API Browser searching for APIs in the TOC

With today's launch, we are working with other teams within Microsoft to get all SDK documentation on and indexed in the Java API Browser. Stay tuned for more improvements to our API documentation experiences in the near future!

We want to hear from you

We want to make the Java API Browser better, and we need your feedback - let us know what you think, on GitHub and Twitter.