Announcing Learn Collections

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Today, we are excited to announce the Collections feature in Microsoft Learn. Now you can personalize your learning experience and share with your teams by creating custom collections of trainings. Through your profile, you can create, name, manage and share your collections. At Microsoft Ignite you'll also be able to access several curated collections from experts across Microsoft.

This feature was designed with your feedback in mind. Our user research team conducted an extensive set of user interviews, spearheaded by Horyun Song, where she had in-depth conversations with learning managers and team leaders to understand their pain points in driving forward a culture of learning. One of the top needs that we've heard is being able to create a custom collection of training materials and track employees' completion in a fun and engaging fashion. Today's feature announcement is our first step towards solving that issue.

How it works

To create your first collection, sign into your account on and open the Collections page.

Go to Learn Collections

Click New collection to create a new collection - give it a unique name.

Create a new Learn collection.

You are now ready to add Microsoft Learn modules to your collection! You can do so right from the homepage:

Add module to Microsoft Learn collection.

When viewing your collection, you can reorder and remove modules, as well as track your own progress towards completing modules in the collection.

Reordering content in a collection

We encourage you to share what you've put together! Anyone who receives a link to one of your collections will be able to view the collection content and start learning from the content you've aggregated.

Sharing collections

We want your feedback

We hope you enjoy Microsoft Learn. Please send us your feedback on what product training and features you'd like to see next.

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