Open Specifications content launches on

This post was written by KB Badu-Antwi, Principal Program Manager in the Cloud + AI Division.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our Open Specifications content on

Open Specifications represent technical documents for protocols, computer languages, standards support, and data portability. The goal with Open Specifications is to help developers open new opportunities to interoperate with Windows, SQL, Office, SharePoint, and IE.

Here are some of the benefits that customers can take advantage of, with the content hosted on

Responsive mobile design

Content displays equally well on all devices, whether you are on the go using your smartphone, or working in your office, on your desktop computer.

Responsive design for Open Specifications documentation

Improved organization

Content is now grouped by product, making it easier to find relevant documentation. You will find the preview docs, list of issues, and archived docs for a particular product all in one location in the table of contents.

Grouping of Open Specifications content in the table of contents

Improved navigation

It's now more convenient to jump to the documentation you are looking for - you can use the top header, the table of contents or the in-page navigation map.

Updated navigation patterns for Open Specifications documentation

Social sharing

Want to share some of the content with your colleagues or social network? You can do so directly from the documentation, with the help of the Share button!

Sharing an article on

Real-time table of contents filter

Quickly find the document you are looking for with the built-in table of contents filter - start typing in the term, and the list of available titles matching it will be updated in real time!

Showing how the quick filter works on

Redirection for MSDN

If you've saved bookmarks to your favorite technical specifications, don't worry about updating them - all MSDN links will be redirected seamlessly to their new locations on

We want your feedback

We want you to tell us how we can make our Open Specifications experience better - just open a new issue, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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