After Microsoft Ignite, keep the learning momentum going

This post was written by Jeff Sandquist, Corporate Vice President, Developer Relations.


Channel 9 is now part of Microsoft Learn! Find our videos at Events (live upcoming events and on demand past events) and Shows (recurring episodic content), now integrated with our documentation and training content. Over the coming months, we’ll be migrating more legacy content, and delivering new content. Join us!

It happens every year. The event we as technology leaders and practitioners look forward to, relish in, and get amped up by—Microsoft Ignite—eventually ends.

But just because Microsoft Ignite has come and gone for another year doesn’t mean we have to stop learning. In fact, the event is a springboard to gain more skills through more learning available anytime, from anywhere, on Microsoft Learn—and it’s free.

We have incredible learning opportunities and events scheduled that expand on the Microsoft Ignite technical content. Keep your post-event momentum up and continue learning with us. Tune into shows like Ask the Experts or the Learn Live series on Learn TV to ask experts questions in real time. Engage in a casual, two-way conversation with community technologists by joining a global After Party. Join a Table Talk for an interactive, informal discussion and attend Microsoft Virtual Training Days for in-depth, training events that guide you toward the many possibilities for career and organizational impact today and tomorrow.

As part of our mission at Microsoft to help everyone achieve more, we will continue to provide learning content that is always free and always on. “More” means something different depending on your perspective, but mine is focused on helping creators learn new skills, navigate role changes, grow in their careers, and stay up to date on the products and technology crucial to their work.

While the technology we build and use has taken leaps forward, so has the way we learn. Our CEO, Satya Nadella, talks about “learning in the flow,” and that is an apt way to describe what we’re seeing. Increasingly, learning happens all the time, in large and small ways, on different platforms and across different media.

With Microsoft Learn, we’re committed to bringing you deep technical content across a variety of media. Join Learn TV November 8 for the launch of Visual Studio 2022 at VS 2022. And November 9, we’re hosting .NET Conf 2021, a three-day developer event that celebrates the major releases of the .NET development platform.

From live events and conferences to regular programming across a gamut of topics, Microsoft Learn and Learn TV have you covered. That’s why I’m excited to share the news that Channel 9 is becoming part of the Microsoft Learn family.

Later this month, you’ll find thousands of hours of current technical knowledge that you’ve come to expect from Channel 9 in its new home alongside our hugely popular documentation and Microsoft Learn content.Long_v2

In addition to the “made by developers for developers” content you’ve come to expect, your favorite Channel 9 productions will continue to march to the beat of their own drummer, just in a new location. We’ve proudly led the way in original programming with shows like:

  • Azure Fridays. Scott Hanselman, Donovan Brown, and Lara Rubbelke host the engineers who build Azure, demo it, answer questions, and share insights.

  • Ask the Expert. Here's your chance to ask Microsoft experts your questions—live.

  • Learn Live. These episodes deep dive into a Microsoft Learn module, complete with guest experts. Join for behind-the-scenes info and live Q&A.

  • Code Stories. This series showcases local Cloud Advocates, Most Valuable Professionals, Product Managers, and Community Leaders from around the world.

  • Hello World. Every Wednesday and Thursday, Hello World broadcasts 60-minute live shows made up of special guests, quick demos, and live Q&A. Hello World is fun and educational for those who are interested in Microsoft products and our events.


  • Inside Azure for IT. Keep up to date with the latest Azure tips, demos, and technical skill-building resources and stay on the forefront of key insights, tools, and best practices for optimizing your infrastructure for performance, cost efficiency, security, and reliability on Azure.

  • On .NET. This show looks at the ever-expanding .NET universe, including APIs, tooling, and interesting projects being created in the .NET ecosystem.

  • Tabs vs Spaces. If you develop on a Windows machine to create for Windows, iOS, Android, the Web, or to manage containers and services in the cloud, tune into Tabs vs Spaces to stay current.

  • New: MS Archives. Some things just never age, like videos of Bill Gates talking about the future, or Jason Zander when he was a product unit manager talking about the .NET CLR —and other classics you’ve come to love over the years. You’ll find them in the MS Archives.

We’ve been at the forefront of original programming—built around transparency and connection—for the technical community since the beginning, but we’re not resting on our laurels. Stay tuned for new and exciting features and content on Microsoft Learn; join us November 8 for the Visual Studio 2022 launch and November 9 for the .NET Conf!