All English MSDN and TechNet forums are now read-only


We are excited to let you know tha all English MSDN and TechNet forums will be set as read-only. Technical support for any active products is now centralized in Microsoft Q&A.

This has been a 6-month effort, to ensure both a smooth transition and consolidation to Microsoft Q&A or to close those forums no longer supported. Microsoft Q&A supports any of your technical question on more than a hundred Microsoft products.

We want to thank our partners and all of you for supporting us in this journey. We hope to see you in Microsoft Q&A. Also, thank you again to the moderators, who volunteered their time and expertise to make MSDN and TechNet forums an inclusive, safe, and welcome place for all our customers. This blog post contains more information about our moderators.


Q. What happens to the content? Is it still available? A. Yes. The content stays in its current location. Also, if you ask a question or search in Microsoft Q&A, you will get matches from MSDN and TechNet forums. More information about this is here.

Q. What happens with the non-English forums? When they will be closed? A. We are currently working on a strategy to support non-English in Microsoft Q&A. Once that is define, we will onboard products for non-English Microsoft Q&A. So please continue asking your questions in the existing MSDN and TechNet forums.

Q. I am a moderator in MSDN or TechNet forum, how can I be a moderator in Microsoft Q&A? A. We are very happy you want to continue the moderation journey with us. Please follow the steps in this blog post to become a moderator in Microsoft Q&A.