Microsoft Learn for Educators

Equip your students with AI and tech skills for today—and tomorrow​

With Microsoft Learn for Educators (MSLE), easily integrate AI skills, technical skills, verifiable credentials, and industry-recognized certifications into your classes to ensure your students are ready for the future.

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“Utilized across 149 countries, Microsoft Learn for Educators supports nearly 10,000 educators' ever-changing needs. We are excited to help bring AI learning to their students in ways that work for them.”

Dr. Rachel Wortman Morris, Director of Future Skills Initiative, Microsoft

Three ways to bring Microsoft AI and tech skills into your classroom with MSLE

  • Teach AI with Microsoft Applied Skills

    Easily enhance your course with Microsoft Applied Skills. Select the AI and tech skills you would like your students to learn and assign the Microsoft Applied Skill. The interactive learning experiences prepare them to earn a Microsoft verified credential that validates in-demand skills.

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  • Bring Microsoft AI Curriculum into your classroom

    Bring Microsoft Official Courseware, complete with ready-to-teach curriculum, labs, and assessments that align with industry-recognized Microsoft Certifications, into your classes. Sign up to download materials, receive support from our Community Managers, and attend onboarding sessions and office hours.

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Where do you want to start?

Get expert help bringing AI skills to your classroom

Through bespoke, fee-based consultative engagements, Training Services Partners are ready to work with you to ensure you have the tools and skills needed to integrate AI into your classroom through the AI Bootcamp for Educators, or any number of Microsoft technical skills. To learn more about AI Bootcamp for Educators select Learn more.

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How Educators are supported when utilizing Microsoft Learn for Educators

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Curriculum Integration

Microsoft Training Services Partners can evaluate your current curriculum and education requirements and work with you on how to best integrate the appropriate technical skilling to enhance your curriculum.

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Faster for Implementation

When you partner with a Training Services Partner, you are working with people that know the technology and can help you get prepared to teach your students. This lets you reduce prep time and increase instruction time.

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Skilling for all Microsoft technology

With experience working with all Microsoft technologies, Training Services Partners are able to help you bring classroom instruction for Dynamics 365, Azure, Azure Data, Azure AI, security / cybersecurity, Power Platform, and more.

If you need help bringing AI skills into your classroom, get connected with Training Services Partners to learn about AI Bootcamp for Educators.

Resources for Educators

  • Educator content on Microsoft Learn

    Dive deep into learning via the Educator Center on Microsoft Learn with interactive lessons, earn professional development hours, acquire certifications and find programs that help meet your goals.

  • Student content on Microsoft Learn

    Student Hub on Microsoft Learn helps student entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts expand their technical knowledge and skills in the transformative field of AI. Explore beyond AI fundamentals, stay updated on cutting-edge AI advancements, and practice AI-enabled programming to learn and fuel entrepreneurial ventures.

  • University content on Microsoft Learn

    Explore modules and learning paths from universities like Carnegie Mellon University and University of Oxford to prepare you for a career in cloud.

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