After you've created the report, you can add layouts to it. Reports in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can have multiple layouts. A developer can create built-in layouts and, at runtime, you can add multiple layouts to the report.

In the development environment, you can create a client report definition (RDLC) report layout and a Microsoft Word report layout for a report and also an Excel layout for a report. These layouts are referred to as built-in layouts because they are part of the report object in the database.

By default, a report will have a built-in report layout, which can be an RDLC report layout, a Word report layout, an Excel layout or a combination of all.

A report can have one or multiple built-in layouts, of type RDLC, Word, or Excel.

It's also possible to create a report without a layout, called a processing-only report. Processing-only reports are discussed in further detail in another module of this learning path.

This module focuses on how to develop the three types of built-in report layouts:

  • Report definition language for Client (RDLC)

  • Word

  • Excel