Create AI Builder prompts using your own Dataverse data

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Explore how to create and use grounded prompts in AI Builder and then use them in a low-code platform with Microsoft Power Platform.

Learning objectives

This module explains how to:

  • Create and use AI Builder grounded prompts in Copilot Studio, Power Apps, and Power Automate.
  • Use grounded prompts to generate natural language responses based on your data and business logic.
  • Test and publish your prompts and then give feedback.


  • An environment that’s on the list of available regions (
  • At least one of the following licenses: Power Apps, Power Automate, or Copilot Studio
  • A Microsoft Dataverse database that's installed on the environment
  • A created or accessible Dataverse table with data
  • An AI Builder add-on (not required if you have a Copilot Studio license)