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Receipt processing lets you read and save key information from common sales receipts, such as receipts that are used in restaurants, gas stations, retail, and more.

The prebuilt AI model uses state-of-the-art optical character recognition (OCR) to extract printed and handwritten text from receipts. You can retrieve valuable information such as merchant details, transaction date and time, a list of purchased items, tax, and totals.

Image of Contoso receipt with address, phone number, date and time, purchased items, and dollar amounts.

The AI model also provides all recognized text on the receipt, which is useful if you are looking for fields that might be customized to a subset of your receipts.

No training or prior configuration is required to use receipt processing; you only need to provide an image or a PDF file, and the model will instantly return the results.

Only English receipts from the United States are currently supported. Full page receipts, such as hotel receipts or invoices, are not supported. For best results, limit your photos to only one receipt for each image and take the photo in adequate lighting conditions.

Next steps

Now that you have learned about the basics of receipt processing, you can learn more about the different business problems that you can solve with it.