In this example scenario, you're a manager in your organization. Your team has been using Azure for the last several months, and has created multiple resources that cost money. You'd like to understand Cost Management best practices. You want to analyze which resources are the primary drivers of your monthly bill. You'd also like to set thresholds on your team's Azure expenses to stay within a budget. The budget was given to you by the finance department of your organization.

Learning objectives

In this module, you'll:

  • Set up your organization for success when using Cost Management.
  • Analyze costs for a subscription using Cost Analysis and find your most expensive Azure resources.
  • Based on your analysis, create your first Azure budget to keep costs under control.


  • Owner access to an Azure subscription (a free trial is sufficient)
  • Five or more Azure resources created in your subscription that have been accruing cost for at least one month
  • Basic familiarity with the Azure portal