Exercise - Utilize prompt engineering in your application


Now let's use prompt engineering in an application that uses Azure OpenAI models. In this exercise, you deploy an Azure OpenAI model and generate different responses with the SDK, depending on the complexity of the prompt provided. You get a chance to see how different prompts and system messages change the generated output.


To complete this lab, you will need an Azure subscription and you need to be approved for Azure OpenAI access. If you need access, apply at the Azure OpenAI limited access page.

To complete the exercise for this module, launch the VM and follow the instructions.


To complete this exercise, you will need a Microsoft Azure subscription. If you don't already have one, you can sign up for one.

If you need to set up your computer for this exercise, you can use this setup guide and then follow the exercise instructions linked below. Note that the setup guide is designed for multiple development exercises, and may include software that is not required for this specific exercise. Additionally, due to the range of possible operating systems and setup configurations, we can't provide support if you choose to complete the exercise on your own computer.

If you'd like to follow these instructions on your own computer, you can follow the exercise instructions here.


After completing the exercise, if you've finished exploring Azure AI Services, delete the Azure resources that you created during the exercise.