Architecting serverless, full-stack applications is greatly simplified in Azure due to the number of serverless services and the integrations that exist between them. Deploying Azure architectures with CI/CD in mind is easy with the support and integration of GitHub Actions and Azure DevOps.

Suppose you work for the transportation department of a major city and you want to increase the number of bus riders. To make it convenient to jump on the bus, you want to build a web app that allows users to monitor a bus’s progress along its route. By providing up to the second information on the whereabouts of the next bus along the route, you can help potential riders eliminate the situation where they either end up waiting for the bus or running to catch the bus and missing it. You also want to give users the option to get notified when a bus they want to take is nearby.

Throughout this module and the associated learning path, you'll follow the scenario (and the development of a solution) of catching the bus. There's a complete learning path dedicated to exploring each piece of the architecture. In this module, you'll determine an architecture based on the scenario and deploy the entire solution with GitHub and the Azure Cloud Shell.

By the end of this module, you'll be able to deploy new applications in Azure with deployment pipelines using the language of your choice and integrate them with serverless APIs and services, including Azure SQL Database, Azure Functions, Azure Static Web Apps, and Azure Logic Apps.