Microsoft Bookings in Education


Microsoft Bookings helps educators save time and increase automation in their day-to-day tasks.

Connecting with parents and colleagues and scheduling events takes more time and emails than most educators realize. Bookings automates the back-and-forth communication needed for scheduling so time is given back to school leaders, educators, staff, learners, and parents.

Microsoft Bookings is useful for many aspects in education:

  • Scheduling parent-educator conferences
  • Booking office hours for learners
  • Reserving study space
  • Admissions interviews
  • Checking out equipment
  • Scheduling appointments with specialists
  • And many more!

With Microsoft Bookings, educators can:

  • Book and manage appointments
  • Manage repetitive scheduling tasks efficiently
  • Cater to different situations and needs

Microsoft Bookings brings together the right resources, time, and scalability to time and meeting management. Set up a Microsoft Bookings calendar, then share the booking link to start scheduling with ease and efficiency! Several scenarios for Bookings in education will be shared in this module.

Bookings connects Space Reservation & Meetings, Parents & Learners, and Educators through Appointment Management, Self Service, Time & Availability