Imagine your business is currently using Azure VMware Solution with standard Azure storage but you want to extend your workload to take advantage of Azure offerings. Scaling complicated workloads to the cloud can be difficult, and with Azure VMware Solution, scaling can require scaling storage while adding unnecessary compute.

Azure NetApp Files is now available with Azure VMware Solution to help you scale your workloads to the cloud. Azure NetApp Files exists to help migrate some of the most complicated, data-intensive workloads to the cloud with minimal risk and without the need to rearchitect data. Leveraging NetApp technology, Azure NetApp Files offers significant data protection and disaster recovery for your mission-critical work in an Azure consistent storage system that could also reduce your reliance on DR data centers. Using Azure VMware Solution with Azure NetApp Files creates an opportunity to significantly scale your on-premises operation to the cloud with an easy-to-use interface and a lower TCO.

This guide introduces what Azure NetApp Files is and how you can prepare to connect Azure NetApp Files to your Azure VMware Solution setup to optimize your experience.

What will we be doing?

In this guide, we explore:

  • What Azure NetApp Files is
  • How to configure your Azure NetApp Files to work with Azure VMware Solution
  • How to prepare Azure VMware to work with Azure NetApp Files