Azure limitations for Azure Virtual Desktop


Azure Virtual Desktop, much like Azure, has certain service limitations that you need to be aware of. To avoid having to make changes in the scaling phase, it's a good idea to address some of these limitations during the design phase.

Azure Virtual Desktop object Per Parent container object Service limit
Workspace Microsoft Entra tenant 1300
HostPool Workspace 400
Application group Microsoft Entra tenant 500
RemoteApp Application group 500
Role assignment Any Azure Virtual Desktop object 200
Session host HostPool 10,000

If you require more than 500 application groups, submit a support ticket via the Azure portal.

  • We recommend that you deploy no more than 5,000 VMs per Azure subscription per region. This recommendation applies to both personal and pooled host pools, based on Windows Enterprise single and multi-session. Most customers use Windows Enterprise multi-session, which allows multiple users to sign in to each VM. You can increase the resources of individual session-host VMs to accommodate more user sessions.
  • For automated session-host scaling tools, the limits are around 2,500 VMs per Azure subscription per region, because VM status interaction consumes more resources.
  • To manage enterprise environments with more than 5,000 VMs per Azure subscription in the same region, you can create multiple Azure subscriptions in a hub-spoke architecture and connect them via virtual network peering (using one subscription per spoke). You could also deploy VMs in a different region in the same subscription to increase the number of VMs.
  • Azure Resource Manager (ARM) subscription API throttling limits don't allow more than 600 Azure VM reboots per hour via the Azure portal. You can reboot all your machines at once via the operating system, which doesn't consume any Azure Resource Manager subscription API calls.
  • You can currently deploy up to 132 VMs in a single ARM template deployment in the Azure Virtual Desktop portal. To create more than 132 VMs, run the ARM template deployment in the Azure Virtual Desktop portal multiple times.
  • Azure VM session-host name prefixes can't exceed 11 characters, due to auto-assigning of instance names and the NetBIOS limit of 15 characters per computer account.
  • By default, you can deploy up to 800 instances of most resource types in a resource group. Azure Compute doesn't have this limit.

For more information about Azure subscription limitations, see Azure subscription and service limits, quotas, and constraints.