Azure Virtual Desktop pricing


Architect your Azure Virtual Desktop solution to realize cost savings. Here are five different options to help manage costs for enterprises:

  • Windows 10 multi-session: By delivering a multi-session desktop experience for users that have identical compute requirements, you can let more users log onto a single VM at once, resulting in considerable cost savings.
  • Azure Hybrid Benefit: If you have Software Assurance, you can use Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server to save on the cost of your Azure infrastructure.
  • Azure Reserved Instances: You can prepay for your VM usage and save money. Combine Azure Reserved Instances with Azure Hybrid Benefit for up to 80 percent savings over list prices.
  • Session host load-balancing: When setting up session hosts, Breadth-first is the standard default mode, which spreads users randomly across session hosts. Depth-first mode fills up a session host server with the maximum number of users before it moves on to the next session host. You can adjust this setting for maximum cost benefits.