Exercise - Create solutions for customers using Power Platform


Unit 3: Conceptualize the design (180 mins)

Complete the Architecture Diagram, Business Apps Used, and Fit Gap tabs in the Project Worksheet.

You are building a solution for a new Customer Retention Group that is being formed at your client to handle all customer exit requests across all divisions of the company. These customers are transferred to the Retention Group once they make it known they are trying to close their accounts. The retention group’s goal is to take the transferred customer that wants to leave and retain them as a customer by offering a discount, an alternative service, or even settle an unresolved complaint.

  • Each division of the company was an independent company at one time and were acquired through acquisition and therefore have their own independent applications for managing their customers.

  • The new system only knows about the customer when transferred via an integration that will bring in the relevant information to the new solution. Your project includes establishing this integration.

  • Accounts are assigned to the retention group staff based on their current workload, they have a list of options they can offer the customer such as a discount or another service.

  • Once resolved, the originating system is advised of the resolution to implement it for the customer.

  • The assigned staff owns the problem until resolved.

  • Customers should be able to view their cancel request status via a website.

  • After a complaint is resolved the complaint information stays in the system for 28 days following resolution. After that it must be removed.

  • Any complaint offering a discount more than 50% of the original contract price must be approved by the retention group manager.

Complete the Data Model, Apps Architecture, Automation, and Security Model tabs in the Project Worksheet.

Using what you know about the customer and the industry build a high-level data model. Include the core tables and their relationships.

Review each of the other tabs named here. Evaluate the questions asked and provide your answers.

Complete the ALM tab in the Project Worksheet.
Identify how ALM is performed and what Power Platform environments will be required. Create a high-level diagram illustrating the different environments and your promotion path between them.

Use the following to influence your ALM strategy:

  • You have a team of five who are building the solution, two of the team members are code developers.

  • Two people have been assigned to support testing.

  • Each system integrating to send your system complaints have at least one tester who will test the integration with your new solution.