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The Cloud Adoption Framework spans the entire cloud adoption lifecycle. Throughout that lifecycle, you can use various methodologies that are designed to help a specific role deliver a defined function.

But when you're dealing with an adoption blocker, there isn't time to mature along all of those potential roles and methodologies. The framework's getting-started guides pull out the actionable tasks and deliverables from each relevant methodology to help a smaller team deliver results faster.

The guides organize blockers into the following categories on the getting-started page:

  • Establish teams: Depending on your adoption strategy and operating model, you might need to establish a few teams. These guides help you get those new teams started or redistribute duties if a dedicated team isn't needed.
  • Improve controls: As cloud adoption grows, you need a solid operating model to ensure wise decisions and proper organizational change. Align people and improve operations to develop your cloud operating model.
  • Accelerate adoption: Cloud adoption requires technical change, but to digitally transform with the cloud requires more than just IT. Use these guides to start aligning various teams to accelerate migration and innovation efforts.
  • Align foundation: Your company's cloud is built on a set of foundational decisions that can affect all cloud-based outcomes. This guide and conceptual information can help you make core decisions and document them.

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Which getting-started guides can help if your adoption efforts stopped or reached a plateau?


Which getting-started guides can help if things are progressing slower than expected?


The IT governance team is concerned about guardrails outlined in your IT governance policies. How can you partner with it to establish the right guardrails?


Designing a cloud environment that can support your term adoption plans is slowing your adoption plans. How do you get back on track?


The business is responding to rapidly changing market conditions, which is disrupting cloud adoption and digital transformation progress. Which getting-started guides can help?


You need to be able to onboard new employees, partners, or other forms of support. How can you accelerate onboarding and transitions from one project to another?